Today...Autumn will or already coming??

secebis nukilan drpd iqbalmohd , Saturday, June 26, 2010 8:41 AM

urm today..not today only but all day of this week..
i feel very cold..
maybe autumn will be..or already coming..
but i don't see any leaf placed on the ground
and i don`t see anybody wears the rope.

to wake up from my bed
and go to shower room
i feel very lazy
coz the temperature was under freezing level!!!

but..i must wake up..
coz if continue my sleep..
i will get the SPECIAL LETTER
and nobody in this college like the letter

and the judgement day will coming to me if i get that letter

i always atend the class
even i late for a half hour or a hour maybe :)
i don't worry if my lecturer asked me..
y r u late?
coz i will answer...
my lovely pillow not allowed me to wake early in the morning..
only that answer can i give to my lovely lecturer
coz that is the honest answer from me..

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